Morehead Sectional - October 2006

Annie Griffin and Mary Jackson Becky Overton and  Faye Norris
Elaine Brestel and Linda Shaul Sue Taylor and Karen Collier
Dayle and Ed Pond play

Frankie Brown and Ann Latham

Sandra Everett (with dummy Ellen Pauling) faces

the defensive stylings of Ann Latham and Frankie Brown

Charlotte Weathers and Carole Exum play

Bruce Southard and Dot Corbett

The founding mother of Greenville bridge,
Miriam Martin
, wearing a heart-warming smile
Miriam and George Martin

with son-in-law Clay Young

The Ipocks (Carl and Ann)
Ann Latham and Frankie Brown Pal Hargittai, Katalin Szucs, Masao Kishore

Ann Ipock, Carl Ipock

Sue Taylor and Karen Collier Karen Collier, Sue Taylor, Nelson Crisp

Faye Norris, Dorothee Taylor, Becky Overton

Charlotte Weathers, Susan Pittman, Carole Exum Peggy Shuping, Susan Pittman, Carole Exum