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Welcome. The Greenville Area Bridge Clubs is composed of three individual clubs:
Bridge 'R' Us, Greenville Duplicate Bridge Club, and Pirate Bridge Club.

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Current Announcements


Have you checked out the Masterpoint Race Page? The 2011 results are posted. Click on the fourth button!


   Every month, the masterpoint totals are accumulated and presented on the races page.  See how fellow club members are doing!



Reminder of start times:

  • Monday afternoon at 1:15pm

  • Tuesday evening at 6:30pm

  • Wednesday morning at 9am

  • Wednesday afternoon at 1:15pm

  • Saturday afternoon at 1pm

  • Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm when there is a game



EXTRA POINT WINNERS (STaC Week) December 2010 (results link)



SATURDAY AFTERNOON (160 Tables Competing):


UPDATE: Congratulations to Sandra Everett and Ellen Pauling, winners of 12.21 WOOT! silver points for their 67.97% game.  They placed 2nd in A and 1st in B.



WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON (262.5 Tables Competing):


UPDATE: Congratulations to Ann Ipock and Carole Exum, winners of 3.24 silver points for their 65.97% game.  They placed 7th in A.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Jackie Williams and Suzanne Pecheles, winners of 2.64 silver points for their 60.16% game.  They placed 18th in B and 5th in C.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Estelle Carraway and Barbara Perkins, winners of 1.34 silver points for their 59.95% game.  They placed 19th in B.



WEDNESDAY MORNING (173 Tables Competing):


UPDATE: Congratulations to Karen Collier and Bruce Southard, winners of 1.82 silver points for their 64.58% game.  They placed 9th in A.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Betsy Allen and Carla Edwards, winners of 1.62 silver points for their 57.64% game.  They placed 6th in C.



TUESDAY EVENING (117 Tables Competing):


UPDATE: Congratulations to Connie Bright and Debbie Sutton, winners of 14.66 ZOINKS! silver points for their 68.33% game.  They placed 1st in A, B, and C!



MONDAY AFTERNOON (245.5 Tables Competing):


UPDATE:  Congratulations to Alice Evans and Carole Exum, winners of 14.16 Sha-Boing! silver points for their 70.05% game.  They placed 3rd in A and 1st in B.



Current Status of and MAP to the new Senior Center!


    All duplicate bridge games in Greenville have been moved to the new Senior Center.  This includes the Monday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, and the occasional Sunday afternoon games.  We will have the entire multipurpose room available to us on each of these occasions.  Given we are being given such a large playing area, let's try and fill it up!  See you at the tables.


The address is 4551 County Home Road, across from the Animal Shelter.  An interactive map is available here: MAP.